Senate District 29 is diverse and sprawling. It includes urban and rural, industrial and agricultural, and the world’s largest international border community. The challenges and opportunities are vast. The following touches on some of the issues state Senator José Rodríguez and Texas Senate District 29 is focused upon:

Border Issues: The future of the Border is the future of the State (and indeed the nation). Immigration and border security issues have led to responses by the State and Federal governments that potentially undermine civil liberties and impede commerce between Texas and Mexico. José’s goal is to overcome the historical and current challenges while capitalizing on the opportunities afforded by our people and location.

Education: Senate District 29 students, teachers and parents must make the most of resources that lag behind other parts of the state. A former migrant farm worker who worked his way through elementary to higher education, José understands that schooling is the key to individual and community success.

Government & Ethics: In a region of limited public funding it is even more essential that government function efficiently and ethically. Public corruption drains resources and saps public participation. José stands for honesty and ethical public service, and to that end worked with others to enact historic ethics legislation for El Paso County.

Health Care: The region has a historic opportunity to provide service and grow the economy through the Texas Tech University Medical School’s transition into a Health Sciences Center with new schools of nursing, dentistry, and pharmacy and the growth of the Medical Center of the Americas. José also is working to support the medical community on health care regulatory reform and other issues that impact access to health care.

Jobs & Economy: José supports development of new, emerging industries that will provide high tech, high wage, environmentally clean jobs, such as the growing health care industry, defense related industry attracted by the expansion of Fort Bliss, and a viable alternative energy industry. José also supports development of public and private job training programs including apprenticeship programs; payment of prevailing wage rates in public works projects; and livable wages for all workers.

Public Safety: Despite the Drug War that devastated El Paso’s sister city of Juarez and the areas outlying that city, and the impact on so many of our community’s families across District 29, our side of the border remains safe. José works to keep it that way by supporting anti-gang legislation, adequate funding of law enforcement agencies, and other community safety measures.

Transportation: The challenge is to maximize shrinking transportation funding, and to find new sources to fill gaps left by the State, while meeting commuter and commerce needs. José works with key stake holders to ensure that District 29’s transportation system is fully developed, including roads, mass transit and effective and safe international movement.

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