Report from the 85th Texas Legislature

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      Sen. Rodríguez responds to City Council re Duranguito

      El Paso – State Sen. José Rodríguez responded to members of El Paso City Council who wrote a letter to him justifying the city’s actions in trying to place a sports arena in historic Duranguito, the first platted neighborhood in the …

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      Senate Democratic Caucus statement on shameful DACA decision

      Austin – Today, President Trump went back on his word and discontinued President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The Senate Democratic Caucus’ statement is as follows: Since its inception five years ago, DACA has helped nearly 800,000 young people, many …

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      El Paso: A test case for proposals attacking rooftop solar

      by José Rodríguez, in TribTalk—

      Homeowners and small businesses increasingly use rooftop solar to generate power and lower electricity costs. Communities win when more solar is installed. It creates local jobs, reduces reliance on polluting traditional generation and reduces the need for electric companies to …

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      The Texas Senate is not conservative

      Dear friend: It’s Monday morning, and the Senate is about to convene to vote out controversial bills that target transgender Texans, further restrict abortion access, and cap local revenue, among other items. Although the Governor added school finance reform to the Special …

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      It’s gametime in the Texas Senate, with serious results

      by Peggy Fikac, San Antonio Express-News—

      AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was sanguine as he once again left Senate Democrats powerless, comparing their scuffle to two football teams that skirmish on the field then go out for beer and barbecue afterward. Maybe, if it’s the …

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