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      Senator Rodríguez’s statement on Senate Bill 2

      Austin – Senator José Rodríguez released the following statement regarding the Senate passage of Senate Bill 2, which requires a local election for every tax rate increase of more than 5 percent: Local officials are elected to make tough decisions in the best …

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      Senate Journal Statement on SB 415

      Senator Rodríguez submitted the following reason for vote on  SB 415: I submit this statement to explain my vote against Senate Bill 415. S.B. 415 uses non-medical, inflammatory language to ban the safest and most widely-used procedure employed by doctors for …

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      Senate Journal Statement on SB 8

      Senator Rodríguez submitted the following statement regarding SB 8: I submit this statement to explain my vote against Senate Bill 8. The bill purports to protect women’s health, yet there is no medical benefit afforded by restricting a woman’s choice to …

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      Bills filed to curb predatory wraparound mortgage scams

      (AUSTIN) — Home mortgage scams in El Paso and Austin have prompted three senators to propose legislation to curb the abuse and protect homeowners. Senators Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo), Kirk Watson (D-Austin), and José Rodríguez (D-El Paso) today filed several bills to address …

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      Senator Rodríguez’s statement on Senate Bill 6

      Austin – Senator José Rodríguez released the following statement regarding Senate Bill 6, which targets vulnerable Texans for discrimination: S.B. 6 is problematic in a number of ways, from creating legal issues to nullifying local control to targeting, instead of protecting, vulnerable Texans. …

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      Immigrants and the soul of our democracy

      Dear Friend: We are witness to a shameful moment in history. The populist tide that swept the current president into power is deep and cannot be categorized simply, and we cannot discount the facts of income inequality and rural economic …

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      Senator Rodríguez’s statement on ICE courthouse intrusion

      Austin – Senator José Rodríguez released the following statement in regards to the recent actions taken by ICE following a domestic violence case in El Paso, TX. This shameful episode shows what results from an anti-immigrant atmosphere created by irresponsible rhetoric from the …

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      Senate passes anti-immigrant legislation

      Senate Bill 4 forces El Paso County to choose between a federal settlement agreement and loss of state funds Austin – Sen. José Rodríguez, Chairman of the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus, issued the following statement on today’s Senate passage of Senate …

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      Senator José Rodríguez rejects school vouchers

      Austin- Today, Senate leadership introduced SB 3, which attempts to create a voucher system under a new name, Educational Savings Accounts (ESA), tax credit scholarship, and educational expense assistance program. Sen. José Rodríguez, Chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus (SDC),  issued the following statement: Vouchers …

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        A former migrant farm worker, Jose understands that education is the key to individual and community success. He’s fought for equitable funding, innovative programs, and access to higher education.

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        Border Issues

        José firmly believes that the future of the Border is the future of the State (and indeed the nation). Jose’s message is clear: The border is an opportunity for Texas and the U.S.

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        Access to healthcare is a critical issue for El Paso, the state, and the nation. We can do better when it comes to ensuring access to affordable, quality health care for million of Texans.

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        Jobs & Economy

        While El Paso is making significant economic gains, its low tax base, high unemployment, and lack of high paying jobs are a barrier to economic prosperity. Young college graduates are unable to find sufficient job opportunities and leave, while other workers find only low wage jobs.

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        Government & Ethics

        Across the nation, including in El Paso, public corruption has grown like a cancer and tested the will of citizens to reign in those who spread it.

        “Pay to play “in the government procurement process, gifts, and other undue influences

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        Public Safety

        Despite El Paso’s designation as the second safest city in the nation, the drug war violence in Cd. Juarez, Mexico has raised legitimate concerns about spill over violence into El Paso. Of particular concern are transnational gangs operating in El Paso that work for the drug cartels.

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        Adequate transportation and related infrastructure remain a critical need in El Paso; without them, El Paso’s progress will be stymied. State transportation funding has literally dried up and our challenge is to find new ways of generating funds to meet transportation needs. 

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