District 29

Texas Senate District 29 historically included the majority of El Paso County. During the 82nd Legislative Session, Presidio, Jeff Davis, Culberson, and Hudspeth Counties were added to Texas Senate District 29; those changes were effective as of January 2013. [click here for a PDF image of the Texas Senate District 29 map]

The district is one of the geographically largest in the Texas Senate, and encompasses the sixth-largest city in Texas, multiple international crossings, Trans-Pecos ranchland, historic Texas towns, an internationally known arts center, and a portion of the incredible Big Bend State Park.

The population center of the district is El Paso County and its seat, the city of El Paso, which, with its sister city, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, combine to form the largest international border community in the world at more than 2 million people. With downtown areas that are within walking distance of one another, El Paso and Juarez are distinctly urban. Yet, the city, which spreads out over 248 square miles and is divided by the rugged Franklin Mountains into the East Side and the West Side, is a diverse landscape of mountain, business districts, architecturally-rich neighborhoods, parks, museums, farmland, universities and colleges, one of the nation’s oldest military installations, Fort Bliss, and major refining operations. The city is a major transportation hub: Interstate 10 and the railroads combine to make the city a central link in east-west commerce for the nation, and north-south commerce for North America.

Each of the other four counties are expansive, rugged and beautiful, from the Guadalupe Mountains — the tallest in Texas — to the rolling hills of Fort Davis. They are steeped in history and firmly in the present, from the internationally known art scene in Marfa to the McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis to the Blue Origins spaceport just outside of Van Horn.

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