Senator Rodríguez Statement Regarding Texas Attorney General Opinion on Socorro City Council Terms

AUSTIN, Jan. 29, 2013 — Senator José Rodríguez released the following statement about the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s opinion regarding Socorro City Council:

“Months ago, we tried to work with the city of Socorro to rectify what appeared to be a power grab by a majority of City Council, which voted to extend their terms of office. There has been ample opportunity for Socorro to correct its mistake: In a letter in August, I raised the very questions now addressed by the Attorney General, and the Secretary of State has presented testimony to legislators that the intent of a rule council members used to extend their terms had been twisted.

“The City Council disregarded advice and persisted in its actions. Now we have yet another opinion stating the obvious: Socorro City Council violated the law when they gave themselves longer terms without consulting voters.

“Simply put, as the Attorney General concluded in summary: ‘To the extent the City of Socorro’s city council terms exceed four years, they are contrary to Article Xl, section 11(a) of the Texas Constitution.’

“I call upon the City of Socorro to cease its activities, which include attempts to annex portions of its neighbor, San Elizario, until such time as the public is allowed to vote to lawfully seat a full City Council.”


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