Jobs of the Future: Our Best Investment

While the current expansions of our medical, educational and transportation infrastructures are generating positive impacts on our area, El Paso’s economy of “low-wage manufacturing and service jobs” reported a 10% unemployment rate in August (Dallas Federal Reserve Bank).

Our community cannot move forward significantly without making drop-out prevention a top priority. Or, without addressing the fact that almost 40% of El Paso’s children under 18 years of age live in poverty.

Or, without acknowledging the fact that a low-wage economy, high drop-out rates, and poverty are all linked to each other.

As Senator of District 29, José Rodríguez will address these issues in Austin.

The El Paso Times recently reported that over 5,400 students dropped out of El Paso schools between 2008 to 2009. A demographer who was quoted in that piece, says the students, “…are dropping out or they found themselves a job.”

What kind of job can that be?

Without a voice in Austin fighting for resources that help us properly address the dropout problem, we will continue to create and attract low-wage jobs.

Without a community-wide commitment from all public institutions to help our poorest families, these parents and their children will continue their grinding, daily struggle to keep their heads above water.

José Rodríguez is committed to putting these issues on the state’s agenda. He knows that new jobs from the medical schools and the transition to renewable energy will be good jobs that are worth the investment.

José Rodríguez knows that El Paso’s best long-term job creation strategy is to invest in our vulnerable students and families to make sure that new opportunities are within the reach of every El Pasoan. He needs your vote and your support to make it happen.

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